• Thursday, 19. September 2019 10:46
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Warcraftlogs.com Logs Viewer 1.0.1

01.04.18 14:06 • Domekologe •

With this module, you can show you latest logs from Warcraftlogs.com


You need to create and use youw own API Key and you must registered at Warcraftlogs.com!

You can find it here:


On the Bottom of the page, you must use the "Public Key"


Supported EQDkp Plus Versions

From 2.2.10 to 2.3.999

EQdkp Plus 2.2.x
EQdkp Plus 2.3.x


1.0.1 - Improve security against XSS
- Add Caching for 10 minutes
- Add Table classes for better viewing
1.0.0 - First stable release
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