• Thursday, 19. September 2019 11:02
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World of Warcraft

13.07.19 22:08 • EQdkp Plus Team wallenium • GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) v3.0

World of Warcraft is the leading MMO by Blizzard Entertainment.


Supported EQDkp Plus Versions

From 2.3.0 Beta3 to 2.3.999

EQdkp Plus 2.3.x



THIS VERSION REQUIRES EQDKP 2.3.3. Please update to this core version for latest game update.
- Add new raid event: Ethernal Palace
- Fix bug in wowhead infotooltip parser
- prepared big fix for armory parser.
- fixed wowhead tooltips
- fixed wowhead tooltips
- fixed links to battleNet profiles
- add missing battlenet raid id for new races
- fixed raid ID for battle of dazzalor in profile view
- fixed icon for battle of dazzalor in profile view
- added crucible of storms event
- fix a bug with translated realm names (Russian/chinese)
- small fixes to wowhead infotooltip
- add update for Battle of Dazaralor
- updated wowhead parser for ITT
- add new races
- fixed a bug with connections for new API slowing down calendar page
- Update to use the new Blizzard APIs, Eqdkp Plus 2.3.3 required.
- Added Battle of Dazaralor
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