• Saturday, 24. July 2021 17:07
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World of Warcraft

27.02.21 08:48 • EQdkp Plus Team wallenium • GNU Affero GPL (AGPL) v3.0

World of Warcraft is the leading MMO by Blizzard Entertainment.


Supported EQDkp Plus Versions

From 2.3.0 Beta3 to 2.3.999

EQdkp Plus 2.3.x


- Fix Token Creation, as Blizzard changed their API
- Small updates
- Adjust Character Icons and Images to Blizzard API change
- Fixed Cronjob
- Small bugfixes
- Implemented lazy loading for images
- Added locale support for Italian
- Fixed Encoding for character images
- Support for localized Realmnames
- Fixed slug creation
- Several bugfixes regarding the servername and slugs
- add dark iron dwarf & maghar orc
- use the new battle.net wow API
- refactor the guild and character import
- refactor the guild roster
- refactor the character profiles
- nicer implementation of boss view
- updated race-class combinations
- [event] Add update for existing installations for the awakened city
- [roster] group by guild
- [event] Add the awakened city
- [icons] fix for raid icons
- [icons] prevent a fatal error in avatar class
- [icons] Use bigger icons
- [icons] Rework all icons
- [battlenet import] force fetching a new token when old one is invalid
- [itemtooltip] Add more wowhead languages
- [roster] new header
- [Export] Fixed problem with raid export
- Add new raid event: Ethernal Palace
- Fix bug in wowhead infotooltip parser
- prepared big fix for armory parser.
- fixed wowhead tooltips
- fixed wowhead tooltips
- fixed links to battleNet profiles
- add missing battlenet raid id for new races
- fixed raid ID for battle of dazzalor in profile view
- fixed icon for battle of dazzalor in profile view
- added crucible of storms event
- fix a bug with translated realm names (Russian/chinese)
- small fixes to wowhead infotooltip
- add update for Battle of Dazaralor
- updated wowhead parser for ITT
- add new races
- fixed a bug with connections for new API slowing down calendar page
- Update to use the new Blizzard APIs, Eqdkp Plus 2.3.3 required.
- Added Battle of Dazaralor
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